Little mirrors

20100116 Little mirrors

My brain is like a juicer mixer mixing many things; similarly it’s like a bottle, having endless party inside. A short-circuit may cause lightnings frequently. Little candles of water flames spraying bubbles that clash each other will become droplets to cool my brain.

In the beginning of yesterdays class I designed the above picture which reflected the fantasy brain. The kids were more zealous yesterday. This class I want to teach them something new. So I taught them Clip masking in Photoshop.

Clipping masks allow you to define a mask in one or more layers with the shape of another layer. You can create clipping masks to shape an image to text or to mask multiple layers with the same shape. I started with a simple example and ended with a complex one (as shown in above picture). Now the kids were given chances to apply masking, Manoth selected the outer area of the paper glass and using clipping mask send a balloon image to that area and also clipped inside the inner visible area of the paper cup with a flower picture.

Jothiraj selected an area over a dove picture and send inside that area a painting which was created by him in last class. Prem kumar thoughts reflected in the document. He selected the petals of rose flower and clipped inside that area with his last class’s painting and to the masked layer he changed the blending mode to overlay. In another design he send bunch of flowers to the rectangular stripes of mask layer.

Yesoda and Bhavani created two mirrored images of roses. Deboki who understood the clipping mask thoroughly created Polaroid photos. She desaturated the picture in the background layer and masked another copy of the same picture with its original color to a framed mask area.


  1. Really enjoyed your picture-tutorial!

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