Sunday’s Artwork

20091122 Sunday’s Artwork
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Last week Saturday’s class I took on Sunday, as Saturday I had some work which took the whole day. At midnight my mind prepared the lessons which I ought to take for this week. When I woke up Sunday is too young & my dreamy mind is in rest. I went to push home keeping a sphere cage in my mind. I taught them to define custom pattern — To fill two layers of circle with that pattern — to spherize the circles with the filter: spherize. It looks like 3d sphere cage. Children kept extracted image of dog & cat which looks like they were caged in.

Women from the home sometimes are watching the computer classes and some women with their baby’s in hand. In PUSH( People United to Serve Hunger – Trust) there is a deprived deaf & dump woman who has a very cute baby. She was wondering to saw the kids enhancing her cute baby’s photo. She is also a good cook and helping there making foods for all the kids.

I’m teaching in the same standards and same syllabus which I used to taught to masses of students when I was a Lecturer in Cyryx Computer Training Institute. The experiences I got from there gave me 100% confident to take these classes. And I strongly believe that these kids can really become great designers. I hope these kids will get sponsors for their higher studies or jobs in Graphic Designing through this blog. What I knew about Graphic Designing is very little as I’m self taught and that little things will be surely passed to the kids.

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