Mixing Scenery photos

20091128 Mixing snapshots of God’s designs
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Smile lightnings, faces around me appeared bright and radiant smile flicker when I saw their faces. Happily anticipated push home kids seated before the computer. Sisters in home standing watched with eager what the kids will be learning today.

Nature is God’s design; nothing here is aligned, but everything looks beautiful, it’s made generous and given freely. The sense we have to feel that mixed beauty of nature, to love the scattered irregular beauties of scenery is wonderful. Graphic design is strict, have rules and order. Playing with the photos of nature I don’t put any rules for kids. The kids mixed photos of nature and made God’s designs graphically.

Yesterday I took with me some photos of beautiful scenery’s. The class is about creating new scenery’s. The kids took mountain from a photo, lake from another, a garden from some other photo to create new beautiful scenery’s.

I let them to play ‘City surfer’ game for one batch students as they were asking me often. They enjoyed playing that game – to twist their brain, to think, to take decision, I think that game will really shape their brain with brilliance. Students who learned mixing scenery’s in this class will play that computer game in next class and those who played computer game will do photo mixing on next class.

In happy mood one can learn fast. My ways of teaching includes concentrating on every small things and also creating a feel that they are their boss. No commands, no request; just by helping them to get things done.

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